My fall wardrobe


Many years ago I decided to stop buying to “summery” clothes. Why? I just won`t have time to use them because of the bad weather in Sweden! Instead I invest in beautiful silk dresses that I can wear all year around! During summer I can wear them with bare legs and when the season changes I just add colorful tights and a top underneeth as a kind of layering. Later on in winter I add a nice knit to keep me warm! How great is that?! Same wardrobe for the whole year!

Love J



Hi guys!

So it’s June and as you can see I’m wearing leggings. The weather changes all the time overhere. A few weeks ago we had 25°C and now It’s been raining for two weeks! Gah! Luckily I have dresses that goes so well with colorful leggings like this Shein dress that I just got! I just love when a dress got multiple colors so you can plats around with accessories! The dress is on SALE at Shein for only $21! I have added the link below so you can buy it! 

Love J

Grafitti dress


Hi guys!

So I promised to talk about my job at Hunkemöller! I started working as a store manager at a Hunkemöller store in february this year after working in high fashion for 15 years. At first it was quite a challenge! The pace is much faster and there is much to learn about the right fit for a bra! Did you know that 80% of all women are wearing the wrong bra size? Have you been measured by a Hunkemöller employee? We are experts in this area and I promised you ladies that when you wear the right size life feels so much easier! We have a wide range of sizes and styles and there is something for everyone! Don’t get me started on our beautiful swimwear!

After a hectic and a stressful start with many new hirings in my store I am starting to feel much better now that I am creating a whole new team with ambitious girls who are happy with their job and wants to learn and evolve! I am so happy with my job guys! I’ve worked in retail for 20 years now and this is the most fun I’ve ever had at work! And its all because of the wonderful customers I have! Because of the high rate of wrong bra sizes worn out there customers are soooo thankful when they get help with finding the right size! I get hugs and kisses all the time! And I love the company! Even though its a large company with several hundred stores worldwide it feels like a small and family own company. If you want to change jobs I can truily recommend you to apply for a job as a lingerista at Hunkemöller!

And besides of my role as store manager I am also a brand ambassador! And so proud to be so! The photoshoot​ above is from the Hunkemöller Summer party last week in denHaag! I had so much fun with the other ladies and we shot some amazing photos together!


Pom Pom Pom



Hi Guys!

So this week I recieved these fab pom pom earrings from @girlcrushbling! They are sooo fab! You all know that I have a weakness for accessories and the reason is that they can completely change an outfit. My new job @Hunkemoller means a all black outfit alla day every day so my accessories are everything right now! The girl behind the brand Girlscrushbling is Victoria. A girl from Gothenburg, Sweden who makes these gorgeus accessories. These ones are pom poms with a horse! Omg could it get better that this?! Check her instapage to see her full collection!

Love/ J




The jumpsuit


Hey Guys!

I have a weakness for jumpsuits! I don´t know what it is but I just feel relaxed yet dressed in them. I have quite a few jumpsuits now that all look so much different from eachother. This jumpsuit is a new one and it´s by T by Alexander Wang and I´ve styled it with a 9 year old Anna Sui silk blouse. My favourite thing when it comes to the styling of it is to add a tee or a blouse underneeth it. AND of course to add a belt to bring out your feminine curves!

Love/ J




Stripes, frills, pink and blues


Hi guys!

So this weekend my husband surprised me with something….he redecorated my walkin space wich has gradually expanded from one end of our upstairs to the whole floor!!! I promise to share pics soon but now lets talk about this photoshoot. I have mixed a lot of different elements that sounds crazy to mix together; stripes, frills, pink, blue, a heart shaped bag and a coat that looks like a russian soldiers coat! But according to me works beautifully together anyway! My secret is to mix colors that work together. As long as you play with colors that marry you can mix almost anything! Try it! Be brave!

Have a beautiful Sunday everyone!

Love/ J




Spring is in the air!

Hi guys!

Can you feel it? The spring is on it´s way and I can´t wait to wear lighter layers and skirts without my tights. The spring does something to us. Everything seems much easier and more beautiful when the sun is shining and you get more energy. It´s also a time when many does their spring cleaning in their closet….that just makes me nervous…My husband told me the other day (when he saw I has expecting a delivery from The Outnet) that maybe I should go through my closet and maybe sell or throw away someting (!) How dare he! Lol….I have a really hard time to let go of things beacause I don´t change my style. You get me right? I have many items in my closet that I´ve had for over 10 years that still are favourites so how can I get rid of them? I simply can`t….I realize now that my next post should be to share my closet to you….

Anyway back to this outfit…This skirt is so amazing in the texture and I was amazed by it´s low price! It´s from Shein and I´ve added the link below so you can buy it too. It´s only $18! How good is that?! Have a wonderful rest of the weekend guys!

Love J






How many GRAM?

Those of you who follow me on Instagram know that one of my favourite shoe brands are Shedish brand GRAM. The shoes are a cross between sneakers and a traditional shoe and are the most comfortable shoes I`ve ever worn. The brand was born in 2005 and has a range of different styles. They are all numbered on the side of the shoes depending on how much they weight and that is also the style number. How clever is that?! I have a huge collection and I am so happy with all of them!

/Love J